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What Are Bed Bugs and How to Prevent Them

What are bed bugs?

 Bed Bugs are tiny insects, much like mosquitos, that like to feed off of human blood. Unlike mosquitos they do not fly but latch on to clothes, backpacks and clothing and can go wherever they are taken. When bed bugs get in a house they are not usually discovered until they mass produce. One of the biggest signs of bed bugs is if a person breaks out in a red rash or blisters. Once bed bugs have invaded a house it’s difficult to get rid of them. Females can lay up to seven eggs at one time and a single infestation could be in the thousands. Having bed bugs can be frustrating but there are easy ways to prevent them from entering a home.    

Identify an Invasion 

The thought of a bug infestation can be overwhelming for some people but it is good to know the signs in case of an invasion. One of the main signs bed bugs are present are bug bites appear like a rash and may contain blisters. Doctors cannot identify a bug bite by itself. The University of Tennessee suggests trying to collect one or more of its shedded skins in a Ziploc bag to bring along to the appointment. The University of Tennessee also offers additional information about bed bugs on their website. Another sign that will show up in a bed bug infestation are freckle spots in wood furniture. If the household has travelled recently, or any new furniture has entered the house from a questionable place these could also cause an infestation.


Latching onto clothes, backpacks, and suitcases are the easiest ways bed bugs can invade a house. Storing your suitcases and backpacks in a hotel room can be tricky sometimes especially when travelling with a family. Make sure luggage is not placed under the bed, on the floor, or near the bed. For clothes it is a good idea to store dirty clothes in a plastic bag and wash them as soon as possible. Drying them on high heat is recommended because it is more effective at killing bed bugs than washing them. Make sure to inspect all clothes, backpacks, and suitcases after travelling. 


Bed bugs can enter a house through clothes, backpacks, and suitcases but they can also travel on furniture. It is very important when picking up furniture on the side of the road or in another not very sanitary place to look for signs of bed bugs. Make sure to inspect tiny corners or crevices for the tiny bugs. If you see freckle spots on the wood this could be the bugs’ fecal matter. When moistened with water the bed bugs’ fecal matter should turn red or a rust color. Other places bed bugs can hide are in the seams of couch cushions, behind wall hangings, and in heads of screws. The EPA has pictures of infected furniture with bed bugs. It’s crucial to check every little corner of furniture because bed bugs are so small and easy to miss. 

At HonorGuard Pest Control we care about keeping bed bugs out of your house. We primarily serve Nashville, Knoxville, Atlanta as well as the surrounding areas – if you think your house could be infected don’t be afraid to contact us for information and schedule an evaluation.