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5 Common Summer Signs of Termites

Summer Termites

Termites are not welcome summer visitors. Yet, many homeowners have colonies setting up a home here during this season. Before long, these creatures could cause a lot of damage to your home. So, it is important to understand the common summer signs of termites so you can deal with them ASAP. In this guide, you will find some of telltale signals to watch out for.

Wood-pellet Droppings In Your Home

This is one of the clearest signs of an active termite infestation within your home. You may not see the creatures themselves, but you can see their leavings. It is the same as having any other pest in the home. Sooner or later, that creature has to poop out the waste of what they eat. It is then up to the homeowner to spot that. As explained in more detail in this termite prevention guide, termites will make the most of any wooden feast. They will then leave little piles of droppings from the dry wood.

With this in mind, you should also be on the lookout for any other odd signs around your doors, windows, and baseboards. Small eggs could be a sign of ticks living in your home. To learn more about these creatures and their risks, we recommend this helpful guide.

Damage To Wooden Structures And Furniture

This love of tasty wood means that these ravenous insects will devour whatever they can get their jaws on. This means eating wooden structures in the home, such as timber frames, doors, and other solid wood items where accessible. The biggest problem here is that they work from the inside out. Therefore, they could make quite a meal of your home before you notice anything. A telltale sign, outside of the wooden pellet droppings, is a hollow noise when you tap the wood. This highlights the damage within and the need to call in some help.

Uneven Or Bubbling Paint On Wooden Structures

This is something sometimes overlooked, but the best pest control specialists know to watch out for it. Typically, when a wooden structure or wall develops uneven paintwork it is down to moisture. You have probably noticed it on walls where you have experienced water damage in the past. You may also have a baseboard that just won’t stay smooth because of damp issues. But, if the leak is long dried out, and the bubbling returns, could it be a termite infestation instead? It is a good idea to get things checked out and know either way.

Mud Tubes

Mud might not be the first material you think of regarding termites. However, these are smart social creatures that make the most of their environment to benefit the colony. Mud tubes are not only great tunnels between their home and food sources but a way of gaining moisture on that journey. These are hard to spot as they are mostly around your foundations. But, you may still be able to find them if you look for them.

Swarmers And Their Discarded Wings.

Finally, there is the issue of swarmers. If you don’t know what swarmers are concerning termites, this guide on termite signs offers a great description. This stage in their development is an important part of the lifecycle of the termites. Individuals leave to form new colonies and this is when they are most visible. You might see these winged creatures on your window or just the discarded wings.

There are one of two issues to deal with here. Either these termites have left a colony and come to set up a new one, or they have fled from a pre-existing colony on your property. Neither is good news. Either there are creatures about to cause damage, or you have hidden damage somewhere to deal with.

What To Do If You Find These Common Signs Of Termite Infestation

If you have spotted one or more of these signs within your home, you can turn to Honor Guard for help. Check out our guide on termite removal services for more information. With our help and thorough inspection, you can be sure of the cause of any damage and start the best treatment option.