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Fastrac Summer Internship Program

  • Fastrac training is a summer opportunity that will help you differentiate yourself from other college graduates. Our goal is to Develop the future leaders of America.
  • We have over 40 years of experience and have worked with thousands of college students. We teach direct marketing skills that will help students excel regardless of your chosen career.
  • Fastrac partners with Honor Guard Pest management teaching students how to sell pest control services door to door. Students will learn the cycle of selling as well as other fine points of running a small business. The reason we have 100% placement after college is because we are teaching universal skill sets that apply to any career path.
  • If selected to work with Fastrac, students will go through nearly 100 hrs of classroom training at no cost. Students will not only learn how to sell but how to network, develop a customer base, manage their finances, and how to motivate themselves to work their own schedule this summer.
  • Students working in the Fastrac program will be able to gain independence working in one of our 3 locations: Nashville, Knoxville, and Atlanta. They will not only have fun but develop lifelong friendships while working in our program. If you would like to challenge yourself, expand your horizons, and develop your entrepreneurial skills then Fastrac training is the summer internship for you.
  • Students in our program are paid by 100% commission.
  • In the summer of 2020, our average first year students made $14,219 in 13 weeks.
  • Our average Experienced Dealers made $36,309 in 13 weeks.
  • 3 qualifications that we look for in a student include: work ethic, coachability, and commitment.
  • Since students are independent dealers, we can only suggest the best formula in order for them to maximize their profit for the summer. We have found the most successful students in our program are committed to working 9.5 hrs a day, 6 days a week, and talking to 70 prospects per day. Each student will set their own goals and decide their effort prior to the summer which will determine their financial success.
  • The following is a breakdown of what students make in the summer by sales per week. This is assuming they are talking to 70 prospects per day and 420 per week ($450 per sale).

6 per week = $9,360

7 per week = $11,466

8 per week = $14,040

9 per week = $15,795

10 per week = $18,720

11 per week = $22,491

12 per week = $25,272

  • Students who work 4 summers in our program have averaged making over $80,000.


  • We teach every student how to track their profit and expenses through a weekly business activity report. On this report students track each sale, their profit, and their expenses. We feel it is a vital life skill to learn how to manage money effectively.
  • Typically, summer expense can range anywhere from $1400-$1600 depending on the individual. Rent will be $750. Other expenses include gas (cars are not required), food, utilities, and weekend events.
  • We teach students the value of delayed gratification through keeping expenses low which in turn makes their savings high.
  • Developing a great resume requires more than just being involved in filler organizations. Every student that graduates in a given major takes the same courses as their competition. The reason we have 100% placement after graduation is because students in our program have exhibited the initiative to do something extremely challenging with their summer. We have six levels of certification as well as work awards, top sales awards, and other achievements that can strengthen a student’s resume.
  • Sales and Marketing Certification: student complete sales training and 13-week internship
  • Team certification: given to students who recruit, train, and manage 1 other student
  • Management certification: given to student managers who recruit, train, and manage at least 5 first year students as well as leading a headquarters.
  • Leadership Certification: given to students who recruit, train, and manage at least 10 first year students and lead an organization.
  • Organizational Management Certification: given to students who recruit, train, and manage at least 15 first year students and also work in our full-time recruiting program for one year.
  • Director training certification given to students who recruit, train, and manage at least 20 first year students and have work in our full-time recruiting program for one year.
  • Getting a job after graduation is extremely hard. One of the things that is even more challenging is getting the job you want and then excelling at that position.
  • In just one summer students are exposed to thousands of selling situations. As a result, students will develop an incredible self-confidence, communication skills, and people skills. These intangibles are the reason top companies want to hire students with this experience.
Alumni Testimonials:

“In four years I was able to make over $135,000. Not only did I graduate debt free, but had enough money saved to start my own real estate company right out of school. I can think of no better training before you graduate than the FasTrac Program!”

–  Josh Barr – UT Chattanooga

“As a finance major, I gained invaluable sales experience while a student at Clemson. The $60,000 that I made over 3 summers was just a big bonus. I highly recommend FasTrac for students.”

– Mark Owen – Clemson

“I earned more than $30,000 in two summers with FasTrac. Over $60,000 my third year! The training that I received through my FasTrac internship prepared me to start a business after graduation with the knowledge to generate revenue. I believe that any student, no matter your major, will benefit from the FasTrac internship!”

– Aaron Whittaker- UT Knoxville


“Going through the Fastrac program is what propelled me into the next version of myself I needed to reach the success I desired in business and in life. The principals I learned, the habits I developed, and the relationships I created are invaluable. You can’t get this type of experience and growth anywhere else.”

– Matt Bunch


“My summer with Fast Track was overall an outstanding experience. Yes it was very challenging but I developed skills and learned lessons I will use for the rest of my life. Also, there was direct financial gains tied to my hard work. I made over $10,000 in my first summer and was able to have a great college experience because of my financial flexibility! Would highly recommend a Fastrac summer job if you are up for a challenge with big upside.”

– Xander Isaacs

Parent Testimonials

Dear Jeff,

Many, many thanks for the time, love, patience, income and wisdom that you have given to our son, Mark, through the FasTrac internship program. He is turning out to be a man that we are very proud of as his parents. Admittedly, we were skeptical at first, but soon realized Mark was being challenged to learn and grow in ways that even a college education doesn’t provide a young person. Mark’s discipline level and overall people skills have really emerged from the training and field work of meeting so many customers on a one to one basis. We are very grateful for the mentoring and caring you have invested into Mark and his career and personal development. As parents, we couldn’t have wished for better mentors, not only to help Mark save enough to help pay his way through Clemson, but to attain five consecutive semesters of a 4.0 grade point average since his first summer with your internship! We really enjoyed the awards banquet, getting to meet Mark’s work buddies and hearing many of their incredible tales from their experiences this past summer.

Thanks again for everything!

Beth Owen

Dear FasTrac Team,

Thank you for the opportunity to express my thoughts on your program. As we’ve discussed, Amy and I are extremely pleased with your FasTrac program and the experience it provided for our son, Eric. 

Initially, we had all the normal apprehensions a typical parent can conceive. As we investigated the program with Eric, our concerns slowly evaporated. As a young man, I had a similar opportunity and realized how it benefited me in my career. I quickly grew excited for Eric to experience the same kind of developmental opportunity. 

Each day, we waited to hear from Eric. We cheered his successes with him. We felt the deep disappointment and pain of his “learning experiences”, the days where he made numerous calls with no sales. But we encouraged him to continue and he grew stronger with each day. 

The transformation was awesome to watch. As the summer progressed, he grew more confident in his abilities and knowledge about many aspects of success – as well as life in general. Eric went to Nashville a wide-eyed young man and returned a focused, confident and successful man.


I absolutely recommend this program for anyone who feels they have the desire to learn the basic formula for success – discipline, hard-work and focus. These skills will insure your success, personally and professionally, regardless the path you choose for your life.


Tony C.

Life has always come easy for Will, so when he came to us last year and said he was interested in taking an internship with Fastrac for the summer selling door to door pest control contracts in a major city, we were both floored.  We didn’t know if he would be able to stand the demands of that type of a job.  However, after many discussions with him, Max his supervisor, and Jeff the company owner, we gave Will our blessing and support to allow him to go to Atlanta (during a pandemic) for the summer.  It turned out to be one of the greatest decisions he (and we) have made. 

During his summer, he learned commitment-rising every morning before 8am to prepare for his day and working way past 8pm some nights-6 days a week.  He honed his communication skills and we still laugh at some of the stories he would share with us on our regular calls.  The program fueled his competitive side by offering weekly incentives that really spurred him to succeed.  He learned perseverance, often getting rejected at a door and realizing how to read people and approach them on an individual basis.  He made friends and found mentors that will go with him throughout his life.   Through this summer internship, I think he grew a lot as a man. He learned to be independent and have an appreciation of a job well done.  I can’t say enough positive things about the Fastrac program. And the fact that they continue to reach out and celebrate what all the participants accomplished over the proceeding summer is a testimony to a business that values their employees and encourages the next generation to be all that they can be.


Rob Lindbom


Fastrac gave Martyn confidence in business, the tools to get out of debt and manage personal finance. He gained independence, understanding what commitment means and following through, faith, as well as learning to not take things personally. It gave him the financial freedom to travel as he took a month-long celebration trip across the United States with another FasTrac grad. He also traveled to England and Holland.


Janice Detz


FasTrac was a wonderful experience for my son, Nick.  I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, selling door to door was something that I couldn’t imagine him doing.  He convinced me with many stories from young people that had been successful in the past. But I was sold on his commitment and enthusiasm about the program. 

FasTrac is not just about selling.  I saw my son’s confidence grow exponentially and learn new skills in teamwork, goal setting/incentives, and self discipline.  He also was a top seller many weeks of the program and was able to earn enough to mostly support himself during his fall semester in college and reward himself for his hard work.

 I would tell any parent to support their child in joining FasTrac.  The financial rewards are impressive, but it’s the non-tangible life changing skills that truly make this a top notch program.


Ellen Morin

Parent Information
  • The four main concerns parents have about their student working in our program are: can they make money, where will they live, will my child safe, and is HonorGuard/Fastrac a reputable company.


Q. How much money can my child make?

A. Like your grades in school being successful depends on showing up, learning the material, and working hard. In 2020 the lowest a first-year student made was a little over $8,000, the highest that a first year student made was a little of $22,000, and the average was $14,219.

Q. Where will my child be living?

A. Your student will be living in a “student apartment” with other students throughout the summer. The apartments offer a safe and convenient place for your student. The cost of the apartment will be $750 for the entire summer. Each apartment will have an experienced dealer living and working with your student on a daily basis.

Q. Is it safe for my son or daughter to do direct marketing to homes?

A. A. Yes, students will be marketing to homes in safe upper income communities. Typically ranging from 400,000-1M in property value. Majority of the neighborhoods being worked have pre-existing Honor Guard customers. Students will typically be sharing neighborhoods or working in close proximity to each other. This makes it convenient if a student needs help.

Q. Is this a reputable company that my child is working with?

A. We are part of the Better Business Bureau. Jeff Hawley is the owner of FasTrac Training and HonorGuard Pest Management. He has more than 40 years of experience in training, equipping and developing college students. Max Pressley has been with the company for 6 years and along with other student leaders will be on the field daily training with your student.

Contact Info:

Fastrac Training Corporate Office

2017 Gladstone Ave
Nashville, TN 37211


Max Pressley

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