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We are experts at Residential Pest Control

We know that your home and family are very important to you!   Pests can transmit diseases that can cause serious illness to you and your loved ones and can cause damage to your home in the thousands.  

At HonorGuard every customer will have the peace of mind knowing their home is being treated thoroughly and with products that are safe to use around your children and pets.


We provide services that will not only eliminate any current pest issues but also focus on prevention to protect your family and home in the future. 

We guarantee our service and if at anytime you see pests in between your regularly recurring scheduled services we will retreat your home an no additional cost to you.


We offer several affordable treatment plans, convenient pay options and the ability to manage your account online.  You are very important to us and because of that we pride ourselves in providing the top-notch customer service that you deserve!

For effective and reliable service call HonorGuard today.  Our experienced technicians will solve your pest issues in or around your home.   Find out why we are THE BEST IN PEST!

Silver Package

Choice of two of the following services
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  • Mosquito- monthly April- October
  • Quarterly Pest
  • Quarterly Termite Monitoring

Gold Package

Includes all three of the following services
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  • Mosquito- monthly April- October
  • Quarterly Pest
  • Quarterly Termite Monitoring


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  • Monthly-April through October


HonorGuard Pest has distinguished itself as the premier pest control provider in Nashville, Knoxville & Atlanta. We are determined to provide a unique service experience that is grounded in a powerful work ethic. We won’t stop until our customer is completely satisfied. Our residential services include Mosquito, Brown Recluse, Bed Bug, and Termite control. HonorGuard Pest also offers Crawlspace and

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Mosquito Control

Are those pesky fleas, ticks and mosquitos ruining your outdoor activities? Protect your family and loved ones against Zika, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Encephalitis and other diseases carried by these backyard pests.  Start enjoying your backyard by calling HonorGuard to schedule your flea, tick and mosquito treatment today!

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Brown Recluse

Often identified by a dark brown violin shape on its back, the brown recluse spider is predominantly found in the Southeast of the United States. This species is well known for its secretive behaviors, as it prefers to take residence in warm, dry and dark environments, such as woodpiles, basements, attics and closets. Like many spiders, the brown recluse likes

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Bed Bug

Did you know…….??? Bed bugs are “hitch hikers”, which allows them to travel long distances.  They latch onto suitcases, clothes, linens and can end up wherever these are items are taken.   Therefore, the spread of bed bugs occurs very easily, and ANYONE can get them! They grow to about ¼ of an inch long and do not have wings to

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Crawlspace & Insulation Solutions

Thermal Acoustical Pest Control (TAP) Insulation   EPA-registered TAP pest control insulation is an innovative solution for removing unwanted pests from the home while helping save money on energy costs all year long. As an EPA-registered pesticide, TAP pest control insulation controls common pests that invade the home through the attic such as ants, boxelder bugs, centipedes, cockroaches, millipedes, silverfish,

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Summer Termites

Termite Control

Inspection An inspector will perform a thorough examination of you home by checking your basement or crawlspace for moisture, your foundation for wood debris, and other risk areas that may attract an infestation. HonorGuard utilizes state-of-the-art equipment such as moisture meters, and termite detection systems to help scientifically assess your home. When we are done, you will receive our recommendation,

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