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The Value of Pest Control During Winter

Don’t ever assume that pest control is only necessary during the warmer seasons of the year, because that simply isn’t true. Remember, the National Pest Association indicates that rodents access roughly 21 million residential properties each winter. They’re far from the only wintertime pest problem, too. The following five factors prove why wintertime pest control is so essential.

Wood-Destroying Insects Are a Problem

The winter months are in no way immune to the many dangers of wood-destroying Insects like termites and carpenter ants. These creatures have the ability to do a number on home exteriors and exteriors. People often pick up on the destruction these insects cause late in the game. If you notice pesky carpenter ants inside your home during the winter season, that may mean that they’re nesting in your floors and walls. They may even have shelters inside of rotting wood.

Cold Weather Doesn’t Interfere With Pests That Reside Inside of Walls

Many pests call walls their homes. Sadly, cold weather doesn’t interfere with these irritating creatures in any way, shape or form. If you never see any pests during the wintertime, you shouldn’t assume that they’re totally gone. That often couldn’t be further from the truth. Note, too, that pests that are warm-blooded frequently gravitate to woodpiles close to homes during the winter months. If there are woodpiles on your property, there may actually be rats living there in times of chilly temperatures.

Insects That Are Dormant Can Rear Their Ugly Heads During the Winter Season

You should never dismiss the dangers of dormant insects during the winter season. Insects frequently hang out in basements and attics at the end of the fall and in the beginning of the winter season. The goal behind this is to steer clear of brutally cold winter weather and all of its effects. Boxelder bugs, Asian ladybugs, cluster flies and spiders are all examples of pests that stay dormant while waiting for the spring. As soon as the weather gets warmer, they seemingly effortlessly invade residential properties.

Spiders Like to Spend Time in Attics During the Winter Months

Again, spiders are a major issue for people who have concerns about winter pests. Attics in homes often operate as suitable shelters for these arachnids. Rodents are far from the sole creatures that seek comfort inside of attics, after all. Spiders of all kinds gravitate to attics in the wintertime. Brown recluse spiders specifically are big wintertime attic nuisances. They’re venomous pests that are keen on remaining under the radar in concealed areas. They’re sometimes spotted inside of old boxes. They’re sometimes spotted inside of abandoned drawers. They like to hang out in nooks and crannies that are difficult to view and access.

If you want to safeguard yourself from all of the consequences of these spiders, then you should prioritize wintertime pest control. It can help to seal up tiny cracks and holes in your attic, too. It can even help to plug areas that are close to your utility pipes.

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