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Fall Time Pest Control Tips


Autumn is the time when practically everything within the environment starts to change. The leaves begin to turn shades of yellow and orange, the wind cools, and certain critters prefer to be warm during this time. This really is the season which will get you ready for the next colder months. Despite the fact that the autumn brings along chilly wind, bugs seem unconcerned. Anyone will come across vermin throughout the fall, and you’ll need to know their tricks!

What You Are Up Against

There are a multitude of critters and pests you can encounter during the Fall season. These may vary depending on where you live but most common pests include cockroaches, mice, stink bugs, rats, and spiders. While the smaller insects like spiders and stink bugs aren’t the worst, they can quickly multiply and take over a certain area in your home without you being aware. Small rodents like mice and rats can carry diseases, ticks, and fleas, which you don’t want spreading to you or your pets. They will also find their way into your food, leaving it inedible and your pantry covered in droppings. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of ways to get ahead of those little creatures before they even make it into your home.

Block Their Entry

Cold weather pests are notorious for finding even the tiniest of gaps to squeeze through. Be sure that all of your windows, doors, and sliding glass doors have a rubber weather tight seal around the borders. This will not only keep pests out, but will also keep your house warmer. Along with those preparations, a simple way to prevent unwanted guests is to close all of your windows and doors when they aren’t in use. The garage is always a common place to come across mice, and many insects. Ensure that all the cracks and spaces are filled in and blocked off as well. 

Properly Storing Food

Food being stored poorly is one of the main reasons homeowners experience infestations of unwanted critters. Make sure that all food is sealed tightly and put away in a cupboard or pantry. Leaving fruits and bread out on the counter or center island is just asking for a trail of ants or a few mice to invite themselves in for a quick bite. It is also a good practice to check under your furniture and behind major appliances for any food that may have slipped out of your hand and fallen behind or under something. While leaving food out in the open where pests can clearly be seen is bad, having them feasting out of your sight is even worse when and if you realize they are there. Lastly, ensure that all the food being thrown into the trash can has a closed-top. This way, the scent of food won’t linger around your home, drawing those pests inside to see what’s on the menu. 

Stop Those Leaks

Excess moisture in your house can also lead to a swarm of bugs and mice. It is always a good idea to make note of any leaks in your plumbing. This could mean your sinks, toilet, shower, refrigerator, and especially your wash and dryer. Most common dryers vent to the outside, and if you have leaks and moisture near them, it can draw in all those vermin you’re trying to prevent. Patch up those leaks and make sure all the fittings are tightened. 

Don’t Panic

It’s common to get frightened by this information, but don’t panic!. Now is the perfect time to begin making steps towards keeping your house rid of all those creatures during autumn. Make sure you keep on the lookout for circumstances that might invite them inside.