Acrobat Ant

Acrobat Ant

Common Name:

Acrobat Ants

Scientific Name:

Crematogaster spp.


Workers are the same size, about 1/16″ – 1/8″ (2.5 – 4 mm) long. Body varies from light to dark brown. Antenna is 12 segmented without a club. Unevenly rounded thorax with 1 node pedicel. Stinger absent, but will bite on provocation. Workers emit a stale greasy or must odor when crushed. The Acrobat Ant picture at the right gives you a great view of the body.

Places Most Commonly Found:

When nesting inside structures, Acrobat ants in house usually nest in wood which has been subjected to high moisture and fugal decay. Will readily nest in Styrofoam insulation panels and in wall voids. Enter homes by trailing along tree limbs and utility lines as well as along connected fences and decks.

Most Active Period:

Active all year but development more rapid during summer months. Swarmers most active from mid June to late September.

Difficulty of Control:

Difficult to control given nesting habits and biology.

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