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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Forget About Pest Control in Winter

Pest control worker spraying pesticides

Winter Pest Control

Mice and rats remain active during winter, but as it is cold outdoors they move inside and build nests in walls and roof space where they can spend a few months, often breeding. In Tennessee, there are several commonly found spiders including Wolf Spider, Brown Recluse Spider, and Black Widow Spider. A bite from the last two can be fatal as they are extremely venomous. Sometimes spiders are found inside your home, and it is a good idea to get rid of them.

Rats and Mice will usually come inside the house before the first cold days of winter, and start building their nests in a cavity, mice only need a small space, and rats are more likely to climb to the roof space where they have more opportunity to nest. The first sign of rats and mice is often scrapping or scratching at night, as they come and go to feed, alternatively, there may be mouse droppings in the kitchen.

1. Rats and Mice Carry Disease

Both rats and mice carry infectious diseases including Salmonella and Tularemia. A bite from a rat can cause Rat Bite Fever, and in the past, they were responsible for causing Bubonic Plague.

2. Mice Can Cause Cancer in Humans

This is emerging research that can’t be ignored even though it is horrible. Some mice carry a virus that may cause breast cancer. Called the Mouse Mammary Tumour Virus, which is highly transmissible to humans.

3. Vermin Damage Your Home

Rats and mice are highly destructive and can even chew through electrical wiring, and if left unchecked can gradually destroy an unoccupied house.

4. Spiders and Ladybugs

Spiders will come indoors in cold wet weather, and you don’t want venomous spiders in your house. Usually, spiders don’t remain indoors as they like to be outside. However, spiders are more likely to stay indoors during the winter. Asian ladybugs were introduced to the USA for aphid control but turned out to be aggressive insects. They will invade your house in the cold weather and hide in fabrics and walls. They release a nasty-smelling liquid and bite as well.

5. Spiders are Attracted by Warmth and Light

Keep leaf litter and junk away from your house, and if you have a woodpile, the spiders will probably live in there.

This is hard to do, but try to seal off all entrances to your home, including mesh screens within your vents.

Regular Pest Inspections

Pests are active all the year, but it is only when they enter our home that we really notice them. It may be as simple as cockroaches in warmer climates, or scuttling rats and mice. Any of these creatures have to be eliminated. There are now many nontoxic pesticides to completely get rid of spiders. If you have small children the use of pesticides is a concern, and the type of spray used will be discussed with you first.

When you have your twice-yearly pest inspection, it enables our experts to eliminate opportunities for pests to enter your home, and after a while, you won’t see a pest in your house.


As we have seen, pests are active all year-round and not just in winter, pest control should prevail. Spiders and ladybugs become more active during Spring and Summer, and may even enter your house at any time given the opportunity. So it is best to always be vigilant, and don’t let them in. Contact Honor Guard Pest Control today to keep spiders, ladybugs, mice, and rats out of your home during winter!