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Our Commitment to You and the Environment with Green Pest Control

Are you concerned about the environment? Do you worry about the global impact that is being left for our children? At HonorGuard we’re concerned too, so we put our money where our mouth is with Green Pest Control. We understand the balance between environmental impact and effective products, so we’re always working toward reducing the size of our ecological footprint. But, we won’t sacrifice on quality. We know that you won’t tolerate pests in your home and we agree that low-impact methods and materials are the way to go. Fortunately, there are many ways for us to deliver green pest control services and many innovative pest materials that support this goal.

What is “Green?”

“Green” means many things to many different people, but most would agree that green practices minimize pollution, conserve natural resources, safeguard the health of humans and their pets, and prevent contamination of food and living spaces.

Our company proudly practices Integrated Pest Management which means that we rely only secondarily on pesticides and, when appropriate, we choose low-impact pest control materials. Our procedures are Earth-friendly, and our foremost concern is protecting your health and property. We maintain a commitment to responsible environmental stewardship, and we have the ability to provide service based on monitoring and inspection, with the application of pesticides to take place only when necessary.

Our pest control technicians have the tools and skills required to do true Integrated Pest Management service. These tools include materials needed for effective pest-proofing. Things that are not the job of a “conventional” pest control technician are the job of an HonorGuard Integrated Pest Management technician. Tasks such as closing rodent entry holes and gaps, spider web removal and other minor pest-proofing repairs are very much within the purview of an IPM technician’s job.

Finding a green pest control company is very important for most people today and we at Honorguard Pest stay on top of the latest in green technology.

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Some Great Articles on Green Pest Management

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    There’s no escaping the fact that now more than ever consumers are thinking green. From the workplace to the home, green is seemingly everywhere. And the green trend hasn’t escaped the pest control industry. Innovative PCOs (Pest Control Operators) have been working to fill this market need by adding green pest management services to their offerings. And just as PCOs have worked diligently to provide green pest control solutions to consumers, so too have the industry’s product and service providers. [read full article]
  • Green on Green: Site Assessment: An Essential Element of Green
    To most customers, green pest management means “less toxic.” How do you get there? A huge piece is preventing pest problems so pesticide use is at a minimum.The key to prevention is denying pests access to food, water and shelter. The first step is a complete site assessment. It’s critically important, yet often overlooked. Don’t confuse site assessment with brief walkthroughs for bid preparation purposes. [read full article]
  • [Green Pest Management] Fixing the Message
    As the public becomes more and more aware of the need to safeguard our planet’s environment, and as homeowners and owners of businesses become more and more concerned about the quality of the micro-environments in which they live, work and raise their children, green practices will continue to be an important part of the way pest management professionals do business. [read full article] 

Find out why Honorguard does more to make the world a better place. Just another reason to choose Honorguard for your pest control needs.

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