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The Pantry Moth


Pictured: Pantry Moth Larvae known as Mealworms. Photo Credit: Wikipedia


Deep Kitchen Invader

Also known as the Indian Mealmoth, the Weevil Moth, and sometimes the Lesser Wax Moth, the Pantry Moth is a highly common household invader. It is also frequently referred to as the flour moth or grain moth, two of its favorite kitchen haunts. Most have discovered its larvae, caterpillars known as waxworms, embedded deep within bags, boxes or bins of grain products within their pantry. If not, chances are you have witnessed full-grown Pantry Moths flying around (primarily at night), or at least, found carcasses lying about in deep, dark, seldom accessed shelves and corners.

What To Do

When you see an adult pantry moth, it’s imperative to head for the kitchen, and any place dry food is stored in your home. Look for cocoon webbing or larvae in food products, beginning with the oldest and unsealed items first. The Pantry Moth can destroy quite a bit food in a very short period of time. Even worse, less than diligent response can lead to the larvae showing up as an unintentional secret ingredient in your dinner. Ewwwww!

Prevent Pantry Moth Infestation

But don‘t worry. There are steps you can take to minimize the risk of Pantry Moth infestation in your home. First, aways be sure to carefully discard all infested food product, and carefully check other suspicious candidates. Second, remember that a sealed bag or cardboard box is not enough. Keep all dry food products in moth-proof containers. Next, be watchful for expired dry food goods in your pantry. In particular, be on the lookout for aging dry grain items and dispose at once.

The Final Step

To ensure that no accidental Mealworm Muffins come out of your kitchen, there is one final step for you to take. Call your trusted local pest protection expert for thorough, preventive Pantry Moth treatment. At HonorGuard Pest Management Services, we know how to handle Pantry Moth problems!

Contact HonorGuard Pest Management of Nashville

We are grateful to continually be recognized for our excellence in service. At HonorGuard, we are your Middle Tennessee Pest Management Experts for commercial properties as well as residential homes. For professional, lasting help with the Pantry Moth, and all your other pest elimination issues, give us a call at HonorGuard Pest Management Services at (615) 242-5440. We look forward to serving you!



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