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Mouse in the House

christmas mouse

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Mouse in the House!

“ ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a ….” EEEEK!!!


Was that the word you were looking for before you were so rudely interrupted?? Well, dear reader, I am afraid that is probably incorrect. When it comes to a mouse in the house, he’s seldom a solo invader. You see, a mouse leaves powerful urine scent trails that send a high alert to their other field-wandering friends. After all, the never-ending smorgasbord of Christmas cookie crumbs, cakes, and other delightful holiday goodies left sitting out and lining the corners of the kitchen floor, is simply too good not to share. No, unfortunately, it’s not a mouse you’re dealing with. It’s MICE.

Your Next Problem

If you’re not able to remove all existing mice within your home immediately, and successfully pinpoint and seal all areas of access, those mice will rapidly reproduce. The gestation period for a mouse is 19-21 days, with each litter consisting of 3-15 mice. Furthermore, a single female mouse can bear anywhere from five to ten litters a year, so those numbers can add up pretty quickly.

Damage & Disease

Now imagine all those teeth gnawing away at your wires, your plumbing and your insulation – a major potential fire hazard! Then there’s the soiling of so many precious family keepsakes with their concentrated urine and feces. After that, think about the disease, germs, and even fleas that mice may be carrying. Had enough? Even if you try to put the thought of them out of your mind, there it is; that incessant chewing and gnawing you suddenly hear while you’re trying to sleep. Now have you had enough?

Don’t Worry.

At HonorGuard Pest Management, we know how to handle Nashville mice extermination. We’ll remove all existing mice, thoroughly clean all traces of their presence, and ensure every point of entry is sealed up tight. No more gnawing in the night, or disgusting souvenirs in your food pantry. You’ll be back to enjoying a 100% mouse-free house!

Contact HonorGuard Pest Management of Nashville

We are grateful to continually be recognized for our excellence in service. At HonorGuard, we are your Middle Tennessee Pest Management Experts for commercial properties as well as residential homes. For professional help with lasting results for all your pest elimination issues, give us a call at HonorGuard Pest Management Services at (615) 242-5440. We look forward to serving you!

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Rodent Infestation: A Homeowner’s Greatest Fear

A fear that nearly every homeowner has is an infestation of rodents. These furry critters with long, slinky tails scurry through the walls and ceilings at night and raid the pantry to fuel their growing army. In addition to the scuttling noises in the wall, you may also notice droppings in common areas, such as around food sources, near nests, or along frequently traveled paths. Another sign of an infestation is teeth marks on wood, plastic, electrical cords and around piping. Rats and mice will work relentlessly to gain access into new areas that may have food or suit the rodents for nesting. You might also uncover nests made of furniture stuffing or insulation. When you begin to notice any of these signs, it is time to call in a professional to take care of the problem quickly and effectively.

Mouse In Your Home - Nashville TN - HonorGuard PestThe first step to ridding your home of a rat or mouse infestation is to sanitize the space. Rodents gather where there is food, and their primary source is the garbage. Keep your garbage outside in clean containers with tightly-fitting lids. Contain all your garbage to plastic bags to protect the container from building up organic material that attracts the rodents. They also collect near food sources like unharvested fruits and vegetables, bird seed on the ground, and pet food left out overnight. Properly maintaining any areas containing these food sources will help cut down on a current infestation.

The next measure that must be taken is to eliminate any harborage, or nests. Any excessive brush or abandoned structures should be removed from the yard. Trim any bushes and shrubs to at least 12 inches above the ground, and trim trees that grow near buildings to at least 6 feet from any part of the structure. Firewood should be kept at least 18 inches off the ground and 12 inches from the nearest wall or other vertical structure.

While the first two steps you may be able to take care of yourself, the next step of removing the rodents from your home should always be left to an expert. Traps include glue boards, snap traps, live traps, and poison baits, and each of these has a specific purpose that an expert will know best how to utilize. For instance, poison baits should be a last resort, because if a rodent dies in an inaccessible space, the smell of decay will last for several days. Also, mice and rats respond differently to traps, so it helps to know what kind of infestation you have to eliminate it properly.

If your home is under siege by a rodent infestation, call a pest professional right away. These animals can carry disease and can cause structural or electrical damage to your home. If you live in the Nashville or Knoxville area of Tennessee or in Atlanta, Georgia, contact Honorguard Pest for a professional consultation.

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Getting Rid of Mice

No matter how clean one’s home may be, there is always a chance that mice could enter the space.  There are many ways to get rid of mice naturally.  In a study, the Environmental Protection Agency claimed that mouse poison is one of the most toxic because every year there were thousands of calls to pest control centers due to these pesticides.  Due to the way the pesticides were contained, pets and wildlife were also harmed.  Since these products are so harmful the EPA started to ban them.  Many customers prefer not to have to deal with mice at all and call us for a consultation.

Different pests require different approaches. But one thing remains consistent, you must find out where your pests are getting inside.

Different pests require different approaches. But one thing remains consistent, you must find out where your pests are getting inside.


What many people do not realize is that there are many other ways to get rid of mice other than just poisonous products.  First, make sure cracks and holes in the house that can allow mice to enter are sealed.  This is also a great idea because it will cut back on your energy bill.  Make sure items in the home that attract mice are stored properly, such as trash or food.   Cats are also a common predator in the home, not just in the movies.

If you don’t mind coming in contact with the mice yourself, you can catch them in a live trap and release them in the wild away from your home.  You can also use snap traps if you are looking to eliminate them. Glue traps are also common and are effective but not as good for the mice.  Repellent sound devices are another non-harmful approach in which there are high pitched sounds released that humans are inaudible to and chase away mice.  If it comes to the point where poisons must be used, look for weather- and tamper-proof boxes.  It is also important to keep them away from children and pets.  If stubborn mice problems continue, you may consider calling in professionals to help with the job.

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The pitter patter of little feet in your home…mice!

For the past few mornings, there has been no doubt that fall is in the air throughout the Southeast. Brisk mornings, the sight of leaves changing color, and yes the ritual of college football season all mark the season between summer and winter. With this change, HonorGuard knows that this is also the time when “Mice Season” begins. Mice may be small, but they can still do a lot of damage. They destroy food, books, furniture and even appliances with their gnawing, urine and droppings. Even worse, mice in the home have been linked to a number of human diseases, including asthma. Because of their small size and inquisitive nature, they can fit through gaps as small as 1/4 inch wide, making them very hard to control. You might not see the mice, but you can probably hear them after dark, as mice are often more active at night. Do not be surprised if your pets paw at walls and cabinets where mice are hiding. Inspect for mouse droppings and nests in storage areas, such as garages and basements. Mice usually build their nests from materials like bits of cloth or shredded paper. Once a mouse finds food and shelter, it is rare that they will travel more than 30 feet from their home territory. The average lifespan of a mouse is 1 year and it is not uncommon for female mice to produce 5 to 10 litters of 5 to 6 mice per litter. Given plenty of food and a protected area, it doesn’t take long for a pair of mice to become parents (and grandparents) to dozens of offspring!

During warmer weather, mice are perfectly happy living outdoors where they feed on seeds and insects. But when cooler weather rolls in, mice waste no time in moving indoors. Garages and attics are usually quiet, protected places where mice thrive. HonorGuard Pest Management will receive dozens of calls from homeowners who have seen or hear a mouse in the house.

HonorGuard routinely advises homeowners to follow the three basic steps below to reduce the chance of developing a mouse infestation:

  1. Proper Sanitation – A clean, uncluttered home will make it hard for mice to find hiding places and food. Actually, mice can live on crumbs! Keep food and garbage in mouse-proof containers (metal or heavy-duty plastic with tight fitting lids), or in mouse-proof cabinets.
  2. Mouse-Proofing – Keep the mice out! Seal all openings around vents, wires and pipes with sheet metal, concrete or knitted copper wire mesh. Screen necessary openings, like fans and chimneys. Keep a tight fitting door sweep on all exterior doors. Seal or cover all openings, since mice can run up the sides of buildings and cross cables and wires.
  3. Removing Mice – Get rid of the mice you already have! Trapping is effective, and generally safer than using poison. Also, poisoned mice often die in hard-to-reach places causing a very unpleasant odor. Wood-based snap traps are inexpensive and work well. Set traps at right angles to the wall, with the trigger end touching the wall. Foods that attract mice — crunchy peanut butter, freshly-fried bacon, fruit, nutmeats, or gumdrops — can be fastened securely to the trigger of each trap with thread.

The bottom line is that the best way to control mice is to keep them out in the first place. Check your home yearly to make sure it’s still mouse-proof and keep your home and property uncluttered. Do not expect your cat or dog to keep mice away. You have to take the necessary steps to prevent mice from becoming a problem. Sometimes professional help is needed. Here at HonorGuard, we have the most comprehensive training program in the industry to ensure our technicians are capable of delivering the highest quality service available to homes and businesses.

For problems with mice or other pests, call HonorGuard today. We take pride in protecting our customer’s property from unwelcome guests.

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Meet Our Sales Team!



 Faith Lyon

Resides in Nashville, TN

Hobbies: Interior Design, painting, drawing and reading

Faith is a Nashville native born and raised in this proud area and went to high school at McGavock Comprehensive. From there, she went on to receive her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Tennessee in Nashville. She proudly served in the United States Army and National Guard. The military taught her honor and service to any and all jobs that she is in, and she has absolutely brought that training to HonorGuard.

Faith is certified in Perimeter Plus-Termidor and is qualified to inspect for termites and other wood-destroying organisms. She is also state certified in Category 7 for residential and commercial treatment inspections.

Faith prides herself as someone who has a strong work ethic and commitment to honesty in all aspects of pest management. She strives to bring comfort and peace of mind to those in need of our services.



Hi! My name is Ken Rozevink and I believe it’s important to know what local companies and services are available to serve you in your community! I also believe it’s important to know who’s coming to your front door. I am a hard working father of three, where I’ve raised our family in Murfreesboro and Franklin, and I’m looking forward to continually serving our community for many years to come.

My children are my pride and joy, and they are the reason why I work hard every day. You might see us at local parks on the weekends! Quality family time is the most important thing to me, and unless it’s raining, that’s where we spend our free time.

I have a background in Biology (University of Toledo) and have construction experience as well. With almost 7 years of experience in pest control, there isn’t much about your home I can’t help with. Don’t be surprised if I point out a few things we can help with! We provide a wide range of solutions for your pest needs.

I look forward to providing you with the most thorough inspection in Middle Tennessee! Thanks for choosing HonorGuard and keeping your business and dollars in Middle Tennessee.


Ken Rozevink