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Mouse in the House

christmas mouse

Photo by Alan Turkus


Mouse in the House!

“ ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a ….” EEEEK!!!


Was that the word you were looking for before you were so rudely interrupted?? Well, dear reader, I am afraid that is probably incorrect. When it comes to a mouse in the house, he’s seldom a solo invader. You see, a mouse leaves powerful urine scent trails that send a high alert to their other field-wandering friends. After all, the never-ending smorgasbord of Christmas cookie crumbs, cakes, and other delightful holiday goodies left sitting out and lining the corners of the kitchen floor, is simply too good not to share. No, unfortunately, it’s not a mouse you’re dealing with. It’s MICE.

Your Next Problem

If you’re not able to remove all existing mice within your home immediately, and successfully pinpoint and seal all areas of access, those mice will rapidly reproduce. The gestation period for a mouse is 19-21 days, with each litter consisting of 3-15 mice. Furthermore, a single female mouse can bear anywhere from five to ten litters a year, so those numbers can add up pretty quickly.

Damage & Disease

Now imagine all those teeth gnawing away at your wires, your plumbing and your insulation – a major potential fire hazard! Then there’s the soiling of so many precious family keepsakes with their concentrated urine and feces. After that, think about the disease, germs, and even fleas that mice may be carrying. Had enough? Even if you try to put the thought of them out of your mind, there it is; that incessant chewing and gnawing you suddenly hear while you’re trying to sleep. Now have you had enough?

Don’t Worry.

At HonorGuard Pest Management, we know how to handle Nashville mice extermination. We’ll remove all existing mice, thoroughly clean all traces of their presence, and ensure every point of entry is sealed up tight. No more gnawing in the night, or disgusting souvenirs in your food pantry. You’ll be back to enjoying a 100% mouse-free house!

Contact HonorGuard Pest Management of Nashville

We are grateful to continually be recognized for our excellence in service. At HonorGuard, we are your Middle Tennessee Pest Management Experts for commercial properties as well as residential homes. For professional help with lasting results for all your pest elimination issues, give us a call at HonorGuard Pest Management Services at (615) 242-5440. We look forward to serving you!

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Protect Your Home and Family From Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bugs Get Around

Did you know that Bed Bugs love to travel? It’s true. That’s why it’s especially important to be on the lookout for signs of the dreaded insects during the holidays, when the number of visitors entering your home is at an all-time high. They can secure handy spots to stow away in clothing, purses, bags, luggage, and shoes. So what’s the best way to detect and protect your home and family from Bed Bugs?

The First Step:

Knowing what you’re looking for. Bed Bugs are:

  1. Small reddish brown insects
  2. Most often found on your mattress near the seams and edges, often appearing as dots
  3. Bed Bugs lay little white eggs, and shed crusty skin as they progress through life cycles
  4. Often indicated in large numbers by the detection of an oddly sweet smell in an area
  5. Known for leaving swollen red bite marks on skin exposed while sleeping

Second Step:

Clean your home thoroughly, especially all places where guests are likely to place their belongings while visiting.

Third Step:

In the case of overnight guests, be sure to change all bedsheets to light colors. That will make it easier to detect the presence of invading insects.

Fourth Step:

When guests arrive, prepare a singular location for all coats & belongings to be stored, such as a hall closet, and clean immediately upon guest’s departure. If coats are to be stored upon a fabric surface such as a bed or sofa, cover the surface with a clean, sturdy sheet before guests arrive, and toss directly into a hot water wash as soon as the last guests leave.

Fifth Step:

If you’ve detected Bed Bugs in your home, don’t try to go it alone. Call HonorGuard Pest Management as soon as possible. We’ve got all the experience you need to help you eliminate Bed Bugs from your home thoroughly, and permanently.

Protect Your Home and Family From Bed Bugs

With HonorGuard Pest Management of Nashville, your family and home will be free once more from the bane of Bed Bugs. As your Middle Tennessee Pest Management Experts we are happy to help you find lasting results for all your pest elimination issues. Give us a call at HonorGuard Pest Management Services at (615) 242-5440. We look forward to serving you!

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Bed Bug F.A.Q.

Been dying to get a good night's sleep due to those annoying bed bugs? Have them exterminated by our professionals so you can sleep soundly every night.

Been dying to get a good night’s sleep due to those annoying bed bugs? Have them exterminated by our professionals so you can sleep soundly every night.

Bed bugs are a big nuisance—considered a public health pest by the EPA—but they do not transmit or spread disease. They do, however, feed on human blood and may cause very itchy bites. We hear more about them now because their prevalence in the U.S. is unfortunately up at the moment. All of HonorGuard Pest Management Services’ locations—in Nashville, Knoxville, and Atlanta—get numerous calls each month about bed bugs. We are happy to answer questions about this tiny, irritating pest. Here are some of the ones we hear most often:

How do I know if I have bed bugs?

Some reliable signs of bed bugs include rust-colored stains on your bed sheets or mattress or dark spots (bed bugs’ excrement) or bed bugs themselves. Bed bugs are active mostly at night, and their bites will create red, itchy bumps, most often on the face, neck, arms, and hands.

What do bed bug bites look like?

Bed bugs are about a quarter of an inch long (about the size of an apple seed) and are long, oval-shaped, flat, and reddish-brown in color. They even have a smell, described as musty and sweet, produced by the glands on their underside. Meanwhile, bed bug eggs are white and the size of a pinhead. There are many bugs that look similar to bed bugs, such as carpet beetles, so it is important to have a professional identify this pest for you.

What can I do to get rid of bed bugs?

To help eradicate your bed bug population, you may want to clean up any clutter near your mattress and vacuum around your bed very thoroughly, regularly wash and heat-dry your sheets and blankets, and purchase a bed bug cover for your mattress and box springs.

How do professionals get rid of bed bugs?

The EPA has approved  more than 300 products in seven chemical classes to treat bed bugs; some of these may only be used by specially trained professionally, including those of us at HonorGuard Pest Management Services. Pyrethrins, pyrethroids, desiccants, biochemicals, pyrroles, neonicotinoids, and insect growth regulators are among those approved for use. The treatment used will depend on the extent of the bed bug problem. If you live in Nashville, Knoxville, or Atlanta and think you have a bed bug problem, HonorGuard Pest Management Services would love to create a bed bug management plan for you.

Among our many residential pest control services, we are able to treat termites, mosquitoes, spiders, and ants.

Cave Crickets: an Overview

All About Cave Crickets

Here at HonorGuard Pest Management Services we receive quite a few phone calls from bewildered customers asking about infestations of “lots and lots of, um, really big crickets that jump.” Usually it takes only a quick glance for us to tell that the bug in question is a cave cricket, also known as a camel cricket, spider cricket, or “spricket” since they look as much like spiders as they do crickets. Their large hind legs—usually about 4 inches long—paired with their super long antennae, brown color, and stripey or mottled pattern are dead giveaways.

These crickets are large, but no worries...just give us a call.

These crickets are large, but no worries…just give us a call.

Help! They’re Jumping at Me!

Cave crickets use their uncannily long legs and antennae to feel around in the dark environments in which they live and thrive. These members of the Rhaphidophoridae family of crickets usually live in a shed, basement, cellar, or someplace dark and damp … like a cave, under a rock, in the woods, even in a compost heap.

These are pests we frequently treat and which we often get calls about, not only because they tend to be present in large numbers but because they are known for jumping at anyone or anything they perceive as a threat. It usually doesn’t take long for homeowners to get tired of having huge spider-looking crickets jumping on them every time they open the door to their shed.

However, in spite of their gnarly appearance, cave crickets are completely harmless. That doesn’t mean you should leave them be, though, especially since large cricket populations tend to attract a mouse population. They also tend to indicate moisture problems in or around the home.

How Do I Get Rid of Cave Crickets?  

The good news is that it’s not terribly hard to kill off cave crickets. Sticky traps work wonders. But we also find that the insecticide we spray, perhaps along with one or more of our pest control services, is very effective against these predators. And for a longer-term fix you may want to consider waterproofing your basement or crawlspace or wherever you’re noticing the infestation. Even improving ventilation to your basement or putting screens on your crawlspace vents and basement windows can help your cave cricket situation.

As Patricia Zungoli, a professor of entomology at Clemson University, told, “You can discourage [camel crickets] a lot by reducing moisture level. If you can reduce the humidity and you no longer have a wet basement, you’re going to have better luck in not having these populations. … [Camel crickets … [are] an indication that you need to dry things out a little bit.”

If you live in Atlanta, Nashville, or Knoxville and share your home with cave crickets—or any other type of cricket or insect—and you’d rather not, contact HonorGuard Pest Management Services today.


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