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Mouse in the House

christmas mouse

Photo by Alan Turkus


Mouse in the House!

“ ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a ….” EEEEK!!!


Was that the word you were looking for before you were so rudely interrupted?? Well, dear reader, I am afraid that is probably incorrect. When it comes to a mouse in the house, he’s seldom a solo invader. You see, a mouse leaves powerful urine scent trails that send a high alert to their other field-wandering friends. After all, the never-ending smorgasbord of Christmas cookie crumbs, cakes, and other delightful holiday goodies left sitting out and lining the corners of the kitchen floor, is simply too good not to share. No, unfortunately, it’s not a mouse you’re dealing with. It’s MICE.

Your Next Problem

If you’re not able to remove all existing mice within your home immediately, and successfully pinpoint and seal all areas of access, those mice will rapidly reproduce. The gestation period for a mouse is 19-21 days, with each litter consisting of 3-15 mice. Furthermore, a single female mouse can bear anywhere from five to ten litters a year, so those numbers can add up pretty quickly.

Damage & Disease

Now imagine all those teeth gnawing away at your wires, your plumbing and your insulation – a major potential fire hazard! Then there’s the soiling of so many precious family keepsakes with their concentrated urine and feces. After that, think about the disease, germs, and even fleas that mice may be carrying. Had enough? Even if you try to put the thought of them out of your mind, there it is; that incessant chewing and gnawing you suddenly hear while you’re trying to sleep. Now have you had enough?

Don’t Worry.

At HonorGuard Pest Management, we know how to handle Nashville mice extermination. We’ll remove all existing mice, thoroughly clean all traces of their presence, and ensure every point of entry is sealed up tight. No more gnawing in the night, or disgusting souvenirs in your food pantry. You’ll be back to enjoying a 100% mouse-free house!

Contact HonorGuard Pest Management of Nashville

We are grateful to continually be recognized for our excellence in service. At HonorGuard, we are your Middle Tennessee Pest Management Experts for commercial properties as well as residential homes. For professional help with lasting results for all your pest elimination issues, give us a call at HonorGuard Pest Management Services at (615) 242-5440. We look forward to serving you!

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Protect Your Home and Crawlspace from Mold

Mold In Crawlspace - Nashville TN - HonorGuard Pest ControlMaybe the crawlspace seemed like a good idea for storage at some point, or maybe it has always creeped you out a little bit. Either way, you now realize the crawlspace is actually a damp, smelly home for spiders, centipedes and who knows what else, and you would prefer to pretend it does not exist. For all you care, whatever you stored down there so many years ago can stay there forever, because going into the crawlspace is not a fun experience. Unfortunately, ignoring the crawlspace could cause more of a headache than properly taking care of it.

Crawlspaces sit right above the moist earth and have a concrete slab beneath them, if they are lucky. A lot of the water under the home gets trapped in the soil, and its only way out is into the crawlspace. This high water content gives the crawlspace its characteristic damp, cool feeling. While you may hate the dark and clammy space, bugs, spiders, and mold absolutely love it and thrive in it. If you go back to ignoring the crawlspace, the creepy crawlies inside it might ignore you too, right? Sadly, no, the critters and mildew will inevitably move into your house and they outgrow the crawlspace, and this can turn into a huge problem.

Bugs and spiders may seem frightening, but the mold is what you should truly be afraid of. Some molds contain deadly spores, and at the very least, mold irritates the respiratory track and worsens asthma and allergies. To prevent mold from traveling through the woodwork of your home and becoming a big, expensive problem, you can stop it by turning your crawlspace into a “clean space.”

Honorguard Pest has created the Clean Space Crawlspace Encapsulation System to protect your home from crawlspace mold once and for all. First, the professionals at Honorguard Pest lay down a vapor barrier on the inside of the crawlspace. This keeps the moisture outside from entering the crawlspace ever again. The next step is to cut off air circulation from the crawlspace to the house by closing the crawlspace vents. This simple step stops any mold-contaminated air from being drawn through your house and cycled through along with the air you breathe. Finally, the space is conditioned and cleared of any mildews or pests, completed the Encapsulation System.

This simple, three step process is affordable and an easy choice to protect your home and the people who live in it. Encapsulating the crawlspace stops mold growth and forces bugs and spiders to find a new home to invade. If you are ready to turn your crawlspace into a clean space and you live in the Nashville or Knoxville, Tennessee area or near Atlanta, Georgia, contact Honorguard Pest for a complimentary consultation.

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Keeping Water Out

Moisture management in and around your home should be an important part of your home maintenance checklist.  In order to maintain your home’s structural integrity, reduce potential maintenance problems, enhance your home’s durability and value, and reduce the potential for mold growth, you need to understand your home’s moisture control systems and your own important role in maintaining those systems.  The professionals at HonorGuard Pest Management Services are here to help with all of your moisture management needs.

How does water enter your home

Moisture can accumulate in many areas of your home, causing a variety of problems.

Moisture can accumulate in many areas of your home, causing a variety of problems.

All things generate moisture.  Each person in your home can introduce as much as 2 or 3 quarts of water a day just through breathing and perspiring.  Animals, plants and aquariums also add moisture.  Normal household activities are sources, too.  Cooking, bathing and cleaning raise the moisture level in your home.  Also, hanging clothes to dry and storing firewood indoors can raise the humidity level significantly.

The amount of moisture the air in your home can hold depends on the temperature of the air itself.  As the temperature decreases, the air is capable of holding less moisture; this is why, during the cold weather months, moisture can be seen condensing on cold surfaces (e.g. drops of water forming on the inside of a window).  This moisture can encourage the growth of mold and/or mildew, and can also attract bugs and other pests.

How can I prevent moisture from becoming a problem in my home

To solve a moisture problem, you have to limit the sources of moisture, insulate cold surfaces or keep them warm with better circulation, or make ventilation more effective.  Many times, it takes a combination of all of these strategies.  There’s a wide range of things homeowners can do to limit potential sources of moisture:

  • Have damp soil in crawl spaces covered with an encapsulation system.
  • Increasing ventilation is a key part of solving moisture problems if you have a large number of people, pets and/or plants in your home.
  • Use the exhaust fan when showering or bathing.
  • Monitor for basement leaks, plumbing leaks and damp basement walls.

Good ventilation is critical to controlling moisture levels in your home since so many household activities produce moisture.  Ventilation moves moist air out and helps to replace it with drier outside air.  Some homeowners will open windows and doors to air with ventilation; however, this may not be adequate enough and may be uncomfortable depending on the season.  Fans that are the right size and properly installed provide the most effective ventilation.

Moisture can be a home’s major enemy.  Excessive moisture in homes is a common problem that causes discomfort, building damage and even illness.  It is most common in homes without central heating, which by design, helps to circulate air and ventilate the home.  At HonorGuard, we’re particularly proud of our Moisture Management Program, which has been tremendously successful for our customers.  If you suspect that you might have a moisture problem, please contact us right away to schedule an inspection!