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TERMITES: The Word Every Homeowner Dreads

There are few words that have the ability to strike fear in the hearts of homeowners everywhere like the mere whisper of this one: TERMITES! That’s right. No matter how softly spoken, it’s a word that inevitably falls upon the ears as loudly as the call to a five-alarm fire – and with good reason. What’s your home without the sturdy, dependable, solid wood framing and foundation at its core? Unless you act fast, termites can have an effect on your house that’s even more devastating than that fire. Even worse, termites damage 5 times more homes than fire, with repair costs that  double the cost to repair damage from  fires and storms.

There is Hope

We’ll just go ahead and save you the drama of any more disturbing statistics. While much of what you’ve heard about termites is true, there is another important truth to consider. Termite invasion can be effectively managed and prevented through proactive pest management methods.

Wisdom Dictates

Have you noticed suspicious looking pinhole trails, or tiny, winged, ant-like creatures lurking in and around your home? Don’t panic. Whatever you do, don’t hide your head in the sand either. Do what all wise homeowners do: they call in the experts immediately.

The HonorGuard Approach

At HonorGuard Pest Management, we provide a customized pest treatment approach for every single home we service. We treat your individual termite eradication and prevention needs, not the collective needs of the masses. You can count on our skilled technicians to thoroughly inspect your property, devise and implement an effective treatment plan as needed. We’ll return for regular inspections to ensure your termite threat is perpetually destroyed. And we’ll make sure our treatments are conducted with the utmost care and concern for your home, family, pets and yard.

And Guarantee

Best of all, HonorGuard offers a $250,000.00 transferable damage repair guarantee* against new subterranean termite damage, as long as the annual termite account is kept good standing.* (Initial inspection required to determine guarantee qualification for the guarantee. See your service agreement for more details.)

Contact HonorGuard Pest Management Today

Does your home have a termite problem, or do you simply need proactive termite protection? Call HonorGuard Pest Management of Nashville today to be sure. For effective, professional pest elimination results that last, call HonorGuard Pest Management Services at (615) 242-5440. We look forward to serving you!


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