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Professional Nashville Squirrel Removal

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Professional Nashville Squirrel Removal

It’s one of the creatures we think of most when we imagine fall. They’re the cute, innocent, furry little creatures with big fluffy tails bearing acorns, right? Well, if you’re a Middle Tennessee homeowner, chances are you’re already at least somewhat wise to the truth. Yes, many do consider the squirrel to be cute and innocent in appearance. But these little critters are known to many homeowners to be the peskiest creatures they face all year. That’s why professional Nashville squirrel removal is so popular.

Squirrels are rodents

Not only are squirrels an incredible nuisance outdoors, gleefully stealing birdseed and uprooting gardens and landscaping everywhere, they are also the most common of all animal attic invaders. Did you know that the squirrel is a rodent? It’s true. Requiring an opening of  only 1½” in diameter, the quirrel makes itself at home inside yours quite handily. Do you feel violated yet? Well, you may have unknowingly seen evidence of their presence. Looking like plump brown grains or seeds, squirrel droppings are just as dangerous to humans as those of their relatives, rats and mice. Yech! They’re also just as dangerous to your insulation, electrical wires, and plumbing.

Get ‘em gone!

Need more compelling reasons to want them gone? We didn’t think so. As with other rodents, squirrels can be particularly hard to eradicate. That’s why it is always recommended to enlist professional help for thorough, lasting squirrel removal.

Contact HonorGuard Pest Management of Nashville

At HonorGuard, we are your Middle Tennessee Pest Management Experts for commercial properties as well as residential homes. For professional help with lasting results for Nashville squirrel removal, and all your pest elimination issues, give us a call at HonorGuard Pest Management Services at (615) 242-5440. We look forward to serving you!


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