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Why You Need Termite Management

  • You need Termite Management because Termites can forage for food 130 feet from the colony. (So, if your neighbor has termites, you better call HonorGuard because they are probably knocking [or chewing] on your door too.)
  • A termite can fit through an opening only 1/64 of an inch.
  • This year, termites will damage 5 times more homes than fire and the cost to repair termite damage is double that of storms and fires combined.
  • Termites produce more than $5 billion in damage each year – which is NOT covered by home-owner’s insurance.

No pest can destroy the value and security of your home faster than termites. Are you sure your home is termite free?  HonorGuard offers courtesy termite inspections.

There are different types of termites but the subterranean termite is the most common species in the southern states. Subterranean termites live in the ground and they are attracted to moist areas of your home. Their colonies can exist throughout your home and they can spread and infest more than one area. Sometimes, the first indication that termites are present is a large swarm, which indicates a likely infestation and possible damage to your home. If management of termites is important to you call us today!

HonorGuard’s Treatment Approach

Termite ControlOur treatment approach is individualized for each home. The structure of your home, its proximity to a water source or pool and the type of foundation on your house all impact the methods we use to protect your home against termites. Termidor is the best termiticide for pest termite management available and HonorGuard uses Termidor on all termite services (unless an alternative is specifically requested). Termidor features the active ingredient Fipronil. [Click here to learn more about Termidor.]

HonorGuard offers liquid and baiting options. Bait stations help the service professional predict termite activity, thereby helping to customize the baiting system around the home. The termites then feed on the bait and are killed. We return to your property each year for your annual termite inspection and we check the bait stations for activity and service them as needed.

HonorGuard acts responsibly toward your home, family, pets, yard and other property during the treatment process. Our technicians are expected to leave your home in better condition than when they arrived.

HonorGuard offers a transferable repair guarantee* with $250,000.00 coverage against new subterranean termite damage as long as the annual termite account is in good standing.* Inspection is required to determine whether a home qualifies for the guarantee. See your service agreement for more details.

Most people never know that their home has termites until a trained professional tells them. We recommend that you take us up on our free inspection so you may rest assured that you are doing your part to protect the beauty and value of your home.

* Homes must qualify for repair guarantee

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Bed Bug Management has become a must this day and age and is one more service Honorguard Pest has for residential pest control.

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