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Moisture Management & Mold

Moisture can be a home’s major enemy. Not only does it breed mold and mildew, but it also attracts lots of nasty bugs and other animals. Pests love dark, wet environments so at HonorGuard, we show them the light with moisture control.

At HonorGuard, we’re particularly proud of our Moisture Management Program and we have had tremendous success for our customers. If you suspect that you might have a moisture problem, please contact us right away for a courtesy inspection. We will develop a customized plan for your home designed to manage the potentially destructive and unhealthy conditions caused by moisture in your crawl space.

The CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation SystemThe CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System includes products that prevent crawl space moisture. We encapsulate the crawl space with a vapor barrier and then close the crawl space vents, and condition the space  to make a healthier crawl space and home! The problem with a dirt or vented concrete crawlspace, is that as warm air rises in your home, it draws the air that was previously in your crawl space with it. Unfortunately, this process enables moisture and mold spores, as well as anything else that may be lurking down there in the air, to circulate throughout your home in the very air that you breathe. Creating a moisture vapor barrier for the crawl space is the answer!

Three things are known to damage the wood material in your crawlspace: water, heat and ultra violet radiation. The earth has a very high content of moisture in the soil. This moisture evaporates in an upward pattern and has nowhere to go but into your house. This moisture can lead to mold, condensation, odors, and a home for critters… all things that can lead to damage to your home. Over time, these situational problems can lead to structural instability, as well as, possible toxic mold that can be as serious health hazard to children and adults.  These serious problems can be prevented if action is taken early. This is why it is important to know how to control moisture from getting in your home.

Examples of the CleanSpace System

From Crawl Space to CleanSpace – Example 1

From Crawl Space to CleanSpace (1)

From Crawl Space to CleanSpace – Example 2

From Crawl Space to CleanSpace (2)

From Crawl Space to CleanSpace – Example 3

From Crawl Space to CleanSpace (3)

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