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Honor Guard Pest Management Services

Pest Control for Restaurants

Pests are a nuisance that can put any restaurant, including yours, at risk of being fined or even closed. It’s simply because pests carry diseases and bacteria that create a potential health risk for your patrons. That’s the number one reason to have pest control for restaurants. Our experience and knowledge work together to protect your restaurant establishment and help you meet the local and state health code regulations.

When you take the time and put a long term restaurant pest control plan in place, it takes a lot of worry off your shoulders. You can rest assured that when the health inspector comes calling your score will be just fine in the pest control department. This is just one less thing that you have to worry about on any given day.

Honorguard would like the opportunity to partner with you to put a plan in place that works around your schedule but still allows us to come in and do the job we know needs done. We want it to be seamless so know one will ever know when we have treated the space; of course, with the exception of the bugs.

Just like you, we know what we are doing. You take care of the business of feeding your patrons great food and we’ll take care of the business of making sure your kitchen and dining areas are pest free.

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We also partner with Health Care Facilities for pest control. Just another commercial service offered here at Honorguard.

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