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Honor Guard Pest Management Services

Lodging and Hospitality Pest Control

Lodging Facility Pest Control or Pest Control for Hospitality Facilities should not even be a second thought with the outbreak of bed bugs in recent years. Travelers are becoming more savvy and are asking questions about how hotels conduct your pest control treatments and if they include treating your facility for bed bugs as well as for common pests. If you get reviews online for having problems with any type of pest, your occupancy percentages will go down and it could take you a while to rid your facility of the stigma of the reviews.

On the other hand, if you are pro-active and take precautions and treat for pest control in your lodging facility and make it known then your occupancy rate could improve. Being on top of this issue is a must better position than reacting to negative reviews and information. No one wants to stay in a hotel where bed bugs or other pests are present. They actively look for places to stay that can assure them they are safe from any health issue any pests could possibly bring. Establishing the right perception by maintaining an active pest control plan is the answer.

Because HonorGuard recognizes the damage that a pest problem can wreak on your establishment, we want to partner with you to provide the services you need to keep your facility clean and free of any potential pest problem that might arise. We know Lodging and Hospitality properties provide pests with a unique opportunity to live and breed and because of the many travelers, pests can be brought in by suitcase and patron alike.

To help you prevent any problems, we are proud to offer our highly effective Bed Bug service in addition to our overall pest protection plan. We would like to help you from creating a potential health risk as well as the presence of pests that so quickly can discourages customers and bring about those negative reviews. Instead, let’s get together and put a plan in place that will give you the best chance for success when it comes to these nasty biting bugs.

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