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Honor Guard Pest Management Services

Pest Control for Educational Facilities

Bugs displayed for a science project is perfectly acceptable in most classrooms. However, Educational facilities must meet health and safety standards that sometimes do not include pests. HonorGuard can provide an Integrated Pest Management approach for pest control for educational facilities which is customized to meet the needs of your buildings with the least inrusion.

Families that send their children off to any school; elementary to college like to know that their children are studying and learning in the best environment possible. One way to ensure that is happening is for administrators to make sure they are doing proper pest control for schools that include using the safest products on the market. This way parents and kids alike are assured they are studying and learning in clean, safe areas.

That way everyone knows when bugs are present it’s a part of an experiment and can be enjoyed as such.

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Pest Control for property managers in charge of large facilities or multiple unit properties can be difficult. Honorguard Pest Commercial Services makes it easy for everyone. Why don’t you call us today!

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