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Honor Guard Pest Management Services

Pest Control for Builders Services

Honorguard consistently provides Pest Control for Builders Services that is easy to use and we respond quickly to all requests. Because builders have additional requirements than the products and treatments, we provide all builder letters and closing letters at no additional costs.

HonorGuard has extensive experience working with builders to provide termite pre-treatment services. We offer both traditional liquid and baiting treatment plans including Borate treatment plans. All pest control services for builders is completed by a trained professional technician.

Honor Guard Services for BuildersAlthough pre-construction termite treatments have generally been price-driven, at HonorGuard we work with home builders to use premium products such as Termidor for pre-construction termite prevention. Custom and upscale home builders, in particular, understand that a premium termite defense treatment is like any other premium accessory or appliance installed in a home. It is valuable information for buyers to know that their property has been protected to the same outstanding standards as the more visible parts of their home.

If you are a builder or representing a builder and are in need of pest control services, please contact us today. We would like the opportunity to discuss how we can help you protect thehomes you are currently building or in the planning stages.

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We provide pest control to restaurants and other commercial properties and businesses.

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