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Honor Guard Pest Management Services

Need some help identifying a pest? Send us a pic!

Our expert entomologist (insect scientist) will take a look and give you the Bug ID and let you know what you are dealing with. It’s just one more way that HonorGuard wants to be of service to our customers!

Just upload pest picture and fill out the Pest ID form below so we have as much information as possible to correctly identify the pest that has you concerned.

Every time you ask yourself, what is this bug, please turn to us for an complete evaluation and bug identification as quickly as possible.

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Please tell us as much as you can, such as where you found it, what time of day, just one or many, etc.


Upload your image

Take a picture with your camera or cell phone, and upload it to us below.

Another option is to take a look at our Pest ID Guide and see if you can find the bug you would like to ID. It’s just one more service in our new Customer Service Center.

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