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Pest ID: Brown Recluse Spider

Common Name:
Brown Recluse

Scientific Name:
Loxosceles spp.

Adults usually about 1/4″ – 1/2″ (6 – 12 mm) in body length. Color tan to dark brown with a darker fiddle shaped marking on dorsum or top of cephalothorax. The “neck” of the fiddle like marking points toward the abdomen. Uniquely spaced eyes with 3 pairs of eyes shaped in a semicircle. See brown recluse spider picture at right. Immatures very similar to adults except for being smaller and slightly paler.

Places Most Commonly Found:
Females deposit their egges in a silken egg sac which is off white with the outer cover loosely woven. The female spins an irregular web in undisturbed areas. The web is not used to ensnare prey, but mostly as a retreat for the spider. These spiders are usually found around rocks, debris, utility boxes, woodpiles, under bark and in knot holes in trees. Inside the home they can be found in almost any undisturbed area where they can gain access. Most commonly found in boxes, among papers, and in seldom used clothing and shoes. They can be found in corners, underneath tables and chairs and along baseboards and other crevices. Both males and females are can inject venom and must be considered dangerous to humans.

Most Active Period:
Most active in warmer weather.

Difficulty of Control:
Difficult to control as females are very mobile and will avoid most repellent pesticides.

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