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Honor Guard Pest Management Services

Make Great Money:

If you are like most college students, you need to make money this summer.  But like most students, you spend as much as you make and come back to school with little to show for your hard work.

With FasTrac Summer Internship you have an opportunity to make a lot more money than the average college student.

With a little hard work and a lot of commitment to study, learn and grow, you can make $10,000 to $15,000 your very first year in the FasTrac Internship.

You may ask, “How is it possible?”

It is actually very simple!

In the FasTrac Internship, you will be trained and equipped, to direct market and sell, to homeowners, for HonorGuard Pest Management.  As a result, you will make the kind of income a professional sales person would expect to make.

If you average selling:
1 Sale Per Day = $7,488
1.5 Sales Per Day = $12,168
2 Sales Per Day = $18,720

After training with the FasTrac Internship Program, a first year student can anticipate selling 1 to 2 contracts on average each day.

“I earned more than $30,000 in two summers with FasTrac.  But over $60,000 my third year! The training that I received through my FasTrac internship prepared me to start a business after graduation with the knowledge to generate revenue. I believe that any student, no matter your major, will benefit from the FasTrac internship!”
~ Aaron, Tennessee

Avoid Being Average!

*66% of students graduated who graduated from a public and non-profit college in 2015 had student loan debt. On average each student had accumulated $30,100 by the time they graduated.(

*In a survey, found that 62% of respondents have less than $1,000 in a savings account. Recently asked the questing in survey to more than 7,000 adults to find out how much Americans had in savings accounts in every state. The results aren’t very encouraging. In most states, 30% or more residents have no money in their savings account. In addition, more than 60% of residents in nearly every state have less than $1000 set aside. (

*Students graduate college with a lot of book knowledge, but very little practical experience.

*57% of college students plan to move back in with their parents after graduation, reports, March 2006

*College Graduate unemployment is 8.8% – with a high percentage taking non-major related jobs

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