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Bird Feeder Thieves


Nashville Bird Feeder Thieves

Fall and winter are prime feeding seasons for many beautiful birds soon to be passing through our region. If you’re an avid bird watcher and feeder, you know your birds often face a battle for the feed you provide for them from a number of different animals. Here are the top three threats to successful bird feeding, and the best tips to foiling these bird feeder thieves.


Probably the biggest offender in the crimes against bird feeders category, squirrels are notoriously hard to outwit – not because of their intelligence, but due to their athleticism and sheer persistence. Placing bird feeders at least 10’ away from squirrel jumping points is one effective option, except that birds are least vulnerable to window collisions when feeders are very close to the house. Feeding the squirrels with dried ears of corn or such in a spot far from your feeders is another option, however most people do not wish to support and encourage squirrel populations on their property. Barriers called squirrel baffles are a good option. They look like an inverted bowl generally placed atop and beneath a bird feeder.


Here we refer to the domestic house cat. While most cats today are kept as pets, the natural predatory instinct never leaves the animal. As such, hundreds of millions of birds are killed by cats each year. Often lurking in landscaping near feeders and birdbaths, cats are very successful hunters, even with the addition of a bell on their collars. The only truly effective way for bird lovers with pet cats to protect the birds is to keep the cats indoors at all times.


Drawn to the seeds that fall to the ground beneath feeders, rats and mice can be hard to get rid of in bird feeding zones. Your best bet is unfortunately for your bird friends, to stop all feeding for 2 or more weeks until your unwanted friends leave for greener pastures. When you resume feeding, choose feeding options that minimize the loss of seeds to the ground. Bird feeders with larger custom catch trays will work, but must be cleaned regularly. The catch tray introduces a new problem in potential spread of illness through the bird droppings which will also be caught by the trays.

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